Panspermia Nonsense

By Bro. Vince Kluth
Just when you think we're done with the stairway to life, it's the evolutionists who want to add one more step. Why would they do that? Because they know the first 12 steps are insurmountable in the timeframe they have.

Just when you think we’re done with the stairway to life, it’s the evolutionists who want to add one more step. Why would they do that? Because they know the first 12 steps are insurmountable in the timeframe they have. They’ve got less than a billion years for life to develop on planet earth, but the steps are too hard to achieve in that time. So, they figure life somehow was seeded on earth by aliens (from Mars not Mexico). This proposition allows them to use the entire theoretical time of the universe, all 13 billion years, for life to develop elsewhere then come to earth; thus, their 13th step is “directed panspermia”, or the inter-galactic transportation of life. (1)

This idea is dumb for two reasons. First, it offers no effective help to the first 12 steps, all of which are just as necessary for life to develop on any planet. In fact, all 12 steps must occur quickly in the right order, making the stairway to life a sheer cliff. Why must they happen near-simultaneously? Let’s compare building a city in the jungle with building a cell.

Imagine our city (cell) starts in a south American rainforest. Somehow trees cut themselves down and their bark is stripped for rough lumber (amino acids). They lie on the ground for 500 years until a chainsaw (molecular motor) arrives to cut the trees into the right size and shape (proteins). But alas, the trees are quite rotten at this point. Next, somehow a backhoe appears then digs a hole in the ground for the foundation, and waits another thousand years before mortar, brick and cement appear; but now the hole is filled in with decayed trees and forest litter. You get the idea.  Evolutionists dodge the difficulties working with life’s delicate parts. An extra 12 billion years can’t rescue the theory because all 12 steps must succeed near-simultaneously.

Second, this idea is vacuous because of the impossibility of timely travel across the universe. Einstein tells us the fastest speed possible is the speed of light. A lightspeed traveller reaches Pluto in five hours, our nearest star in 4.2 years, and our nearest galaxy, Andromeda, in 20 million years. Our traveller has only begun to visit the cosmos, as there are literally billions more galaxies. Which one does he visit? Einstein’s equations also imply lightspeed travel is impossible, so let’s propel a spaceship at 90% of light. Moving such a spaceship requires the energy of 73 million atomic bombs, plus the same amount of energy to slow it down when it reaches earth. It better detect small or microscopic objects, as any collision at that speed is catastrophic. Humans can’t build such a ship; how will natural selection do that?

And what of the passenger? Let’s assume aliens simply try to transport the smallest organism, a spore. It must be shielded from ultraviolet light, which is very intense in space and easily kills spores. Any spore bigger than a micron (1/25,400th of an inch) burns up while entering earth’s atmosphere. Also, remember that space is a massive deep freeze without oxygen. If instead it rides on a slower asteroid, it must survive a crash landing at around 6,800 mph. (2) 

We are totally outside science at this point. We’ve never observed anything close to life on any other planet, nor can we test any of these theories. It’s all sheer fantasy, wishful thinking, and wild speculation. Why are they driven to this? Because they are committed to a materialistic solution without God.  The only aliens are the evolutionists who walk in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God, through the ignorance, that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart.

Sources: (1) Dr. Change Laura Tan and Rob Stadler, The Stairway To Life: An Origin-of-Life Reality Check, Evorevo Books, 2020, chapter 19. (2) Gary Bates, Alien Intrusion, Creation Book Publishers, 2011, p.64-66, 122.

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